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Honda Accord, east Auckland to North shore

Posted 1 days 01 hours 24 minutes ago. 18
Honda Accord 2003, mint condition. I wash my car every one to two months. On average, I spend around at least one and half hours on the road every work day as I have to drive from east Auckland to R

space age tiny car attractive design

Posted 7 days 07 hours 40 minutes ago. 15
drives a lot in urban areas mosgiel and dunedin female driver always clean and tidy flexible with advertisement content make an offer ………………………


Posted 13 days 04 hours 9 minutes ago. 26
My sexy little red Mazda goes from west Auckland to town everyday and since its an old car, it gets judged a lot so it’ll get plenty of looks! Whole car is available for ads, bright ads will loo

Car Branding/Advertising Available

Posted 15 days 04 hours 35 minutes ago. 32
I drive from South Auckland through to East Auckland and Back to Central everyday, i will use my car for client meetings to. I will spend roughly 75 minutes from leaving home to get to work and a fur

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