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Your place to buy and sell advertisements on cars in New Zealand. Ads on cars started in 2016 and we have been on an epic ride ever since, it all started when we were looking to advertise our products and services on cars in New Zealand.

We found that there were only very few companies that were offering adverts on cars and were charging a lot of money.

We found that the middle man were taking a very big cut in-between the advertiser and the car owners, hence the car owners were getting a small amount of money even when the advertisers were paying a hefty fee to advertise on cars.

At ads on cars we found a better way where we allow direct contact between the advertiser and the car owner hence cutting out the middle man.  This allows the car owners to get a bigger payout and a lower cost for the advertisers. Its a win win situation where both the car owners and business owners get a better deal.

Advertising is a huge industry, millions are spent on ads locally, ads on cars is here to help you get a share of it. Together we can make ads on cars the best place to buy and sell adverts on cars. Join us today list your cars or find the perfect car to advertise on.

Here at ads on cars we are constantly changing our site to accommodate more and more vehicle owners to list their cars with us and we are also constantly looking for local advertisers to start using vehicles from our site to advertise on. Make sure to tell your family and friends about ads on cars and together we can change how adverting on cars works in NZ.

We owe a huge thanks for our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and hope you will continue to be part of our story.