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July 16, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Ads on Cars

Ads On Cars

Looking to make money by placing advertisement on your cars ? Then we can help. In this article we will explain how advertisement on cars for money works and how you as a car owner can make some easy money in New Zealand. Advertisement on cars for money is a very simple concept, lets look at how it works


How advertisement on cars for money works ?

It is a very simple concept where the advertiser ( Business owner, website owner or anyone looking to advertise their product or service to locals ) pays the a sum of money every month to place their advertising on their car/vehicle. In return the car owner drives the car normally and exposes the advertising to locals, its a win win situation where the advertiser gets cheap advertising and the vehicles owner makes extra money.


What do i need to join advertisement on cars for money?

As a vehicle owner all you have to do is create a listing on with us (ads on cars ) , its very simple just enter all your contact details, vehicle details and your travel routes, then let the advertiser find you. You can negotiate with the advertisers direct to come to agreement on how much to get paid, duration of advertising and where to get the advertising put on. Its very simple and our team at ads on cars are here to help, just contact us

How much money can i make ?

Advertisement on cars for money is bit of a new concept in New Zealand so not many people are aware of it. A car owner can easy earn anywhere from $10 a month to $500 or more a month from a single advertiser, so when you consider the amount of advertisers in New Zealand, you will be able to make good money if you get few advertisers adverting on your vehicle.

The advantages and Disadvantages of advertisement on cars for money

Advantages of advertisement on cars for money

  • Potential to make extra money every month
  • Once setup you don’t have to do anything
  • You can have as many or as little advertising on your vehicle
  • Get paid to drive
  • Guaranteed advertisements for your car ( Platinum listing package only check terms and conditions ) 

Disadvantages of  advertisement on cars for money

  • Small upfront cost when listing your vehicle on ads on cars
  • Might not be able to find advertisers within your listing period unless you use platinum listing package


There are a lot of advantages for advertisement on cars for money so if you are ready to make extra money every month then join us now. Create your listing on ads on cars and take the first step in earning money the easy way. Get started here >>