Adverts on cars

Find out how ads on cars can help car owners make extra
money every month and how business owners can get
low cost high impact advertising on cars.

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Good way to make extra money!

Advertising on cars is one of the best way to make some extra money in New Zealand. Find out how it all works below and see if ads on cars is right for you.


Car Owners

Ads on cars provides a safe and secure place for car owners to sell ad-spaces on their cars. All the car owner has to do is list their cars online with us and wait for the advertisers to find them. If your vehicle is chosen by the advertiser he/she will contact you directly to arrange payment and advertising needs. It only takes few minutes to list your car with ads on cars , have a look at listing options here >> 


Ads on cars

Ads on cars is here to help you make money with your cars. We have come up with a solution where car owners and advertisers can come at on place to buy and sell adverts on cars. Here at ads on cars we are constantly looking at getting more car owners and business to come together and use one of the best advertising mediums around. Find out more about our terms and conditions of use here >> 


Business owners

One of the best ways to advertise in New Zealand is through car adverts. Until now only few big business had access to car advertising but ads on cars is here to change that. We have a large range of cars from all over New Zealand that are ready for your adverts, deal direct with the car owners and find your next car to advertise on. Find a car to promote your business or service on cars here >> 

Adverts on cars 

Ads on cars is a simple concept, its a place where car owners can sell ad-space on cars and where small business or anyone looking to advertise on cars can find low cost adverting on vehicles