Q : What is ads on cars ? A : Ads on cars is an online platform (website) where locals can buy and sell advertisements on vehicles. It allows car owners to sell ad spaces on their cars and business owners to buy ad spaces on cars. Its a simple but very effective way to buy and sell advertisements on cars in New Zealand.

Q : What kind of cars can I advertise on the site ? A : You can advertise any kind of vehicles on as long as it is road legal, has current wof and registration you can list it on our site. We allow trucks, cars, vans, utes and much more. We are constantly making changes to accommodate new vehicles so feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Q : How much money can i make selling ad space on my car ? A : How much money you make depends on few things like

  • What sort of vehicle you have
  • What condition is your vehicle in
  • What area you live in
  • What area you work in
  • where you park your car
  • How much you use your car
  • How many KM you travel per week
  • What the advertiser is willing to offer you

Use this basic car ads value calculator here to get an estimated pricing for your adspace

Q : Will my car get damaged when taking off or putting on the ads ? A: Most of the advertisers use vinyl wrap to do all their advertising, this has been safely used for for years. When possible get the advertiser to use proper sign writers to install and remove the ads

Q : Who pays for the ad design and installation ? A : The advertiser will be responsible for the design and installation of the ads unless an agreement is reached otherwise

Q : When do i get paid ? A : The payments depends on the advertiser some advertisers will prepay for the month but most prefer to pay after the first month of advertising. Note :  make sure to discus this before the ads are put on the vehicle

Q : How will I get paid ? A : Most advertisers will make payments direct to your bank account on monthly basis. Note : Discus this with the advertiser

Q : Who can list their vehicles on ? A : Anyone who has a vehicle and wants to make some extra cash selling ad-space on it

Q : How many cars or vehicles can I list on the site ? A : You can list as many vehicles as you want on this site, as long as you own the vehicle or have the rights to it you are welcome to list in on our site

Q : How long will i have to put the ads on for ? A : Duration of the advertising depends on the advertiser and their budget, most of them will be in there for the long run. Note : Make sure to discus this before commencing the advertising.

Q : Can i sell my ad-space to more than one advertiser ? A : Yes you can as long is you have enough ad spaces left and if it is OK with the current advertiser

Q : What if i decide to sell my vehicle ? A : Ask the new owner if they want to continue with the advertising, if they dont want to then you will have to get in contact with the advertiser to terminate your advertising contract

Q : What if the advertiser is not paying me ? A : This will be a very rare thing but for some reason they are not paying you then you can

  • Approach the advertiser and ask then why they are not able to pay you
  • Come to some sort of agreement to resolve unpaid ad cost
  • Give notice to the advertiser that you will remove their advertising from your vehicle

Note : keep in mind the advertiser has lots of money invested in the ad design and installation so it will be a very rare chance of them not pay up

Q : Does take any responsibility for any listings or advertisers ? A : No, the advertiser and the ad seller must make their own arrangements after the first contact through ads on cars site. We are not liable for any actions by advertiser or the car owner. Deal direct at your own terms

Q : What happens if i damage the ads on my car ? A : Firstly tell the advertiser that the ads have been damaged, next see if you can get it fixed by your local sign writer. in the wort case you might have to pay for the replacement ads  Note : Discus this with the advertiser