Get paid to advertise on your car in New Zealand

April 27, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Ads on Cars

Get paid to advertise on your car in New Zealand

Get paid to advertise on your car in NZ

When the price of everything is increasing and it has become hard to make the both ends meet. You will be surprised to know that now you can be paid a decent amount by only driving your car. It is time to advertise on my car for cash.

This has become the easiest way of earning cash. You can simply advertise on your car, drive it and are paid.

How to make money with ads on cars:

So now, it is time to make this happen. Get paid to advertise on your car in New Zealand by following the simple procedure that is given below:

  • You should be 18 plus to have this opportunity.
  • You must be living in an area with a populous community.
  • List your car with us (
  • Assure business owners that you are ready to advertise on my car for cash.
  • You will have to drive the car regularly.
  • The more you drive your car the more cash you can earn from this scheme.

How to increase your chances of finding advertisers.

If you are interested in having this method of earning then you must know that you will be selected on the behalf of the area you live and mostly drive in. the company will see that if you drive you car in the area of their potential customers then they will place ads on your vehicle

So make sure that you list with your right address and all relevant information. In this way, it will be easy us to make you meet the right company that will place ads on your cars without any issue.


Once you list your vehicle through our website, we will make sure to give you a positive response as soon as possible. We will recommend you to the company that has its clients in the area you live. We will make sure that you get response from potentional advertisers in a short time and earn by advertise on your car for cash.

Benefits of advertise on your car for cash:

Having this opportunity will have several benefits for both the car owner and the company that will advertise on your car.

Many companies and brands are looking for persons who drive their cars often. Advertising on your car provide the company an exposure and increase their customer count. As the clients for that specific company increases, they become recognized.

On your part, you already drive your car often. Having an advertisement on your car will not cause any issue for you. You will also get a decent income without doing much an effort. In simple words, we can say that it will be a win- win situation for both the company and the car owner.

Therefore, it is time to take this beneficial decision and then get paid to advertise on your car in NZ. Get started today, List your vehicles here today