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Find out how ads on cars can help car owners make extra
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How ads on cars work ?

One of the easiest way to make money is by getting others to place ad on your cars. Simply let the advertisers know that you have ad space available on your car and get them to contact you direct. Arrange with the advertiser to get the ads put on and your on your way to make extra money every month. Its a win win situation, Advertisers get their ads shown to public you make extra money every month. Get started today its quick and simple.


How to get started ?

To start off with, list your cars on, enter as many details as you can about the car, your travel routes, approximate km traveled weekly  and parking places used etc. The more information your provide the better chances you will have in finding an advertiser for your cars. You can list as many cars as you want. Its very simple so get started today. List your cars now and start making money within weeks. advertise-now-button


Vehicle requirements

Firstly you will need a vehicle, it can be any type as long as it is road legal and has space for advertising. The vehicle must be driven most of the days as it will give the advertisers a good chance to get their advertising across to the public. You must own the vehicle or have permission to place ads on it before you can list it on our site. The vehicles must be of road worthy condition and have current W.O.F and registration.


Ad spaces Available on Cars

These are some of most common places to place ads on your car, Who knew you were driving a money maker !

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It’s very simple and good way to make extra money every month.