Looking to make some extra cash? Why not get paid to put ads on your car? With, you can earn money simply by driving around with ads on your car. It’s a great way to make some extra money, and it doesn’t even require any extra effort on your part!

Advertising On Cars

Advertising on cars has been around for few years and only few big companies were using it. Companies like red bull coca cola, monster energy and few more. They had the big budget and they dominated the market and in some countries they still are. 

We are here to change that, with our platform anyone will be able to advertise their businesses on any vehicles they want without the big cost. Ads on cars is here to help car owners to make some extra money every month and business owners to advertise their products and service in New Zealand.

Get paid to advertise on your car
Ads On Cars New Zealand

How Much Can You Make

Advertising on your car can be very lucrative, car owners can earn anywhere from $25/month for a small ad placement to $250/month or more for large placements. The amount of money you can make with advertising on your car will largely depend on your sponsor ( advertiser ). Big companies have bigger budgets and will offer you more to advertise on your car then small mum and dad business. 

How much you earn from putting ads on your car will also depend on what sort of car you have, condition of it and where you are based. 

Find out more on how much you can earn by using our simple online calculator. This calculator will give you some indication of how much you could get paid to advertise on your car.

How Ads On Cars Work

Getting paid to advertise on your car is a simple concept. In simple terms a business places ads on your car and in return they pay you for it. Lot of New Zealand based business are looking to market their products and services locally and what better way than using a local mobile advertising billboard ( your car ).

Ads on cars platform lets the advertiser  to find a vehicle in the location they want to advertise in and get in contact with the car owner direct. Business owner and car owner can negotiate on the price and terms and get started. Its simple but powerful concept. 

Find out more on how you can make money selling ads on your car in New Zealand.

Advertising on cars made easy

List Your Car With Us

Getting started with first step in getting paid to advertise on your car is simple. All you have to do is list your car on our platform, its simple and only takes few minutes to get listed. You can try out our FREE 7 day trial offer and see if you have any  joy in finding a business that’s willing to advertise on your car and pay you for it. 

Finding the perfect advertiser will take time so best to list your vehicle for a longer duration. Listing your vehicle for a longer time will give you a better chance of getting an ad placement on your car. 

When listing your car, make sure to create a perfect advert for it. Make it stand out from the rest, take good pics and write something that will appeal to local business.  Get started, get paid to drive