Ads On Cars For Advertisers

Find out how ads on cars can help business owners advertise on cars.Its simple and very cost effective way to advertise your brand or products in New Zealand. Car advertising is one of the best ways to advertise your products or service to locals by locals. Advertising on cars is one of the most cost effective to get your message across to locals. Check out how it works below.


Ads on cars works simply by providing a directory of all the car owners that want to offer a place on their vehicle for advertising.You might have come across similar sites offering ads on cars, but we are different. Our site is independent and offer direct contact between the advertiser ( you ) and the vehicle owner who is selling the ad-space on their vehicle. 

Its very simple and one of the most cost effective way to market your brand or products to locals. Why spend thousands on static billboards when you can have a mobile one with a fraction of the cost. Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

List Your Car On Ads on Cars


Low Cost Highly Effective Advertising

We get rid of the middleman and the additional cost, so you get much cheaper adverts and the vehicle owner gets better payout, it’s a win win deal. Its very simple, all you have to do is find the perfect car listed on our site and contact the owner direct. Come to mutual agreement of the cost of ad space, the duration and arrange the time to get the ads installed. You can contact your local sign writing company to design and put on the ads for you. Once the ads have been put on the vehicle all you have to worry about is the small monthly cost agreed to the vehicle owner.

Search For Cars

Use our advanced search to narrow down the location you want to advertise in. Then set the type of vehicle you would like to advertise on.

You can also set your minimum and maximum advertising budget as well. Once you have found the perfect vehicle in a perfect location then you can contact the vehicle owner direct. 

All the contact details of the vehicle owner (ad space seller) will be listed on their listings. Deal directly with the vehicle owner and negotiate a deal to suit both you and the vehicle owner.

Our Recommendations

How to get the most when it comes to adverting on private cars in Nee Zealand. 


We highly recommend using a professional sign writer to do all the installation and removal of large ads (whole car wraps). We also recommend using professionals when dealing with expensive vehicles. Once the installation is done your all set, all you have to do is setup a monthly payment plan to the owner and let him or her do all the advertising for you.


To advertise on vehicle you need to have a great ads, it needs to stand out and public should be able to get information from it within seconds. Good Quality Ads The ads must be of good quality to withstand New Zealand’s ever changing weather. We recommend using vinyl wraps as they have been proven to last long and are very durable. Vinyl Format The vinyl format is easy to put on and comes off easily. Using professionals is recommended when putting on and taking of ads on a vehicle. Don’t get caught out having to pay for expensive repair on paint job, get professionals to do it.


Small ads can be put on by advertiser or vehicle owners it all depends on how you want to go. There are no minimum or maximum terms of advertising but we recommend advertising for at least 4 to 6 months to get the best out of vehicle advertising. The longer you advertise the better the results.

Send Illustration

Send them a illustration of what the ads going to look like on their car. The ad developers will be able to help you out with it.Make sure to discuss the finer details before placing the ads on the vehicle.